Active IDE II

Active IDE II
Active IDE II
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Active IDE II

Breakthrough in Performance and Simplicity

The ACTIVE IDE II sets new standards for abrasive
waterjet cutting heads! The cutting head contains a minimum number of individual components, is particularly easy to handle and produces high-precision cuts.

Less components reduced maintenance
As the cutting head contains a minimum number of individual components, it is particularly easy to handle while producing high-precision cuts. The key advantages of the ACTIVE III are the exact targeted cutting jet, the pre-filter protecting the orifice and the advanced nozzle valve design. The unit is also virtually maintenance-free. To achieve a perfect cutting jet, all you need to do is exchange the focussing tube.

User-friendly design
The diamond orifice and the mixing chamber are combined in a single nozzle body. Both professional users and workers who have only recently been introduced to abrasive cutting benefit from the simple design of the unit, as the focussing tube and the pre-filter, which are the only wear parts, can be exchanged easily and quickly. Maintenance is thus limited to an absolute minimum.

Performance increased by ten to twenty times
The integrated diamond orifice far outperforms any sapphire orifice. The prolonged service life means longer uptime and thus more consistent and precise cutting performance. The innovative design is based on a mixing chamber where water and abrasive are mixed in a most efficient and effective way, minimising the jet stream width so that all impact energy is concentrated in the cutting tip of the jet. The result is a perfect and accurately positioned cut.

New pre-filter protects the water nozzle
The newly developed pre-filter is installed between the HD line and the nozzle valve body in the adapter. This component reduces the mechanical impact on the water nozzle, as particles are removed from the cutting jet so that they do not cause abrasion to the nozzle. This significantly prolongs the service life of the nozzle and lowers the operating costs.

Superior edge quality
Thanks to the longer service life of the diamond orifices, a more consistent water jet can be achieved over a longer period of time. This in turn helps increase the lifespan of the focussing tube and results in smoother cutting edges and less waste.

Quicker and easier changeover from pure water cutting to abrasive cutting

Operators can quickly change over from pure water cutting to abrasive cutting by simply replacing the water tube with the IDE orifice tube that fits the nozzle valve.

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