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Feedline Water Jet Services
Feedline Water Jet Services
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Feedline IV

Optimised abrasive consumption for customised applications

Stable and repeatable operating parameters are a fundamental requirement for high-quality waterjet cutting. This applies in particular to abrasive applications used to cut brittle materials,where a constant flowof abrasive is simply a must. KMT Waterjet System responded to this demand by developing the Feedline V abrasive metering system. Controlled through a central CNC controller or a potentiometer, the Feedline V supplies the cutting head with the optimized flow of abrasive. This helps save material and costs.

The Feedline V technology

The Feedline V system supplies the cutting head with a constant metered quantity of abrasive. Without this controlled supply, the mixing chamber for abrasive, air and water would become clogged up. With the Feedline V, this is effectively prevented. It feeds a metered flow of abrasive by means of compressed air into a 0.8-litre transfer tank. At the base of the tank, the abrasive collects on the metering and transfer wheel whose rotational speed determines the feed rate to the cutting head.

New design of abrasive outlet and control unit
The new abrasive outlet consists of a single component, facilitating maintenance as there are no moving parts. A bypass opening in the outlet component significantly reduces the risk of cutting water entering the plastic hose through which the abrasive is transferred to the cutting head. This prevents water entering the Feedline V housing. The metering wheel of the Feedline V is equipped with a shaft seal preventing water from entering the control unit. The housing lid of the metering wheel and the control unit are transparent, so that operators can easily detect any problems occurring in the unit.

Lower costs thanks to accurate control
Different materials to be cut require different quantities of abrasive. The thicker the material, the more abrasive is needed. Accurate metering settings help lower operating costs especially in units used to cut many different materials on a daily basis. The adjustment range of the FEEDLINE V caters for flow rates of 0 to 1,000 g per minute. Greater quantities can be catered for by changing a shim.

Suitable for integrated or stand-alone control
Standard feed rates can be stored in the CNC controller and transferred to the FEEDLINE V. Alternatively, the FEEDLINE V operation can be controlled bymeans of a potentiometer. Each cutting head is thereby supplied by a separate FEEDLINE V.

Lightweight and compact design for easy installation
The FEEDLINE V module weighs only 3.1 kg and can thus be mounted directly onto the motion system of the waterjet cutting unit. The abrasive hose connecting the metering unit to the cutting head is therefore kept very short, which is an advantage, as long hose length result in poor cuts.

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