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Streamline Pro-2 Ultra High Pressure Pumps (6,200 Bar) hot

The World‘s Fastest Waterjet Cutting Combined with Quick and Easy Maintenance

With the introduction of the 6,200 bar PRO technology, KMT Waterjet Systems set new standards in the field of waterjet cutting. With the launch of the next generation of this advanced technology, the STREAMLINE PRO-2 UHP pump, KMT offers the industry’s most powerful combination of horsepower and pressure with significant advances in uptime.

Unsurpassed Productivity

The advantages of the high operating pressure of 6,200 bar are particularly relevant for efficiency where operators need to cut thick and/or very hard materials. The high operating pressure improves conformality as well as the quality of the cut edge compared to traditional 4,000 bar applications.

  • Depending on the material and its thickness, cutting with 6,200 bar allows operators to increase the cutting speed by up to 50%. In some applications, the increase is even considerably higher.
  • Higher operating pressures improve conformality as well as the quality of the cut edge. In many cases, there is no need for reworking cut edges.
  • Cutting with 6,200 bar significantly reduces the consumption of abrasive.

High Efficiency Thanks to Reduced Maintenance

Due to the unique and simple design of the new Rapid Change IntensifierSM and more durable components, the STREAMLINE PRO-2 intensifier requires substantially less time for replacement of parts than conventional waterjet pumps. As a result, preventive maintenance is kept to a minimum.

The STREAMLINE PRO-2 state-of-the-art intensifier quick seal change process means more uptime as seals can be replaced within 20 minutes only.

Reduced maintenance is also attributed to the longer reciprocal stroke rate to move more volume of water, which also extends the life of the seals. This improved reliability and flexible ergonomic design combine to provide extremely efficient cost savings and improved productivity.

What makes the maintenance even simpler is the fact that the STREAMLINE PRO-2 Rapid Change IntensifierSM features only a comparably small amount of parts and components and that the necessity for specialty tools when changing seals is reduced considerably.

Benefits of KMT’s Rapid Change UHP IntensifierSM:

  • Maintenance friendly design = more uptime
  • Reduces seal change time by 50% vs. conventional UHP pumps
  • Low torque hard seal end cap design
  • Eliminates complicated bolt tensioning and tie rods
  • Reduces specialty tools required
  • Longer lifetimes of seals and consumable parts
  • Improved cylinder alignment
  • Fewer component parts
  • New titanium seats

The KMT Waterjet Family of Products

The STREAMLINE PRO-2 waterjet pump is designed to work with the complete line of KMT Waterjet cutting head components and abrasive management systems.

KMT Service Guaranteed Worldwide

KMT Waterjet operates on five continents and maintains a network of sales and service agencies all over the world. You can thus be rest assured that spare parts for your equipment will be readily available. Thanks to the global network of KMT Waterjet, assistance is never far away.

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