NEOLINE NL I High Pressure Pump

NEOLINE NL I High Pressure Pump
NEOLINE NL I High Pressure Pump
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Product Description

NEOLINE NL-I High Pressure Pump (3,800 bar) hot

The Affordable Entry-Level Intensifier Pump for Economical Waterjet Cutting

The NEOLINETM NL-I 40 High Pressure Pump features KMT‘s proven and reliable intensifier technology in an affordable entry-level product, thus offering a great value at a reasonable price. It is the perfect solution for everyone who is looking for an economical waterjet cutting solution using the best technology the industry has to offer.

Improved SSEC Pressure Intensifier Concept
The highly reliable Soft Seal End Cap (SSEC) intensifier unit is one of the key features of the NEOLINE™ high pressure pump and is often referred to as "the heart of the pump". Several thousand intensifiers of the SSEC type are currently in use all over the world, many of them in multiple shift operations.

Ease of Maintenace
The KMT SSEC pressure intensifier is very easy to maintain. The nut of the high pressure cylinder includes four jack bolts, which eliminate the need for a special tool when the nut has to be loosened or tightened. Moreover, the patented design of the "Quick Change" Plunger makes it easy and fast to remove the plunger and access the hydraulic seal cartridge.

Tried and Tested Concept Helps Reduce Operating Costs
As the intensifier contains only a small number of wear parts, operating costs are kept low in comparison with conventional pumps. Also contributing to the outstanding economy of the pump is the long service life of the components subject to wear. Costly downtimes are thus virtually eliminated, which is of particular importance for multiple shift operations.

Integrated Heat Exchanger
The standard model of the high pressure pump comes with an integrated heat exchanger for easy connection to the cooling water supply system. This Oil/Water heat exchanger system is equipped with a continuous recirculation pump, an oil temperature/level sight gauge, a hi-temp/low level oil safety switch and a cooling water modulating valve.

Fit-to-need Electric Controls
The standard configuration of the NEOLINETM pump uses basic PLC based controls for pump on/off and E-Stop with a user-friendly operator interface including an electrical junction box. However, for system manufacturers who want to control the pump by their turnkey system-PLC it is also available without any pre-installed electric controls.

Elaborate Design for Ease of Operation
and a Long Product Life
The NEOLINETM pump has been developed with the aim of creating a robust, easy to operate pump. It is driven by a 40 hp three-phase motor which is equipped with vibration isolation pads to protect the rest of the pump from the motor activity. Furthermore, the NL-I 40 features a rugged powder-coated finish protecting the surface from environmental influences. For ease of operation, the KMT engineers developed a new low profile cabinet design which grants easy access to the pump controls and other components.

Further Features of the NEOLINETM NL-I 40 include:
  • Dual Pressure Compensator
  • Manual Pressure Control
  • Auto Bleed Down Valve
  • Booster Pump with 10 micron Filter
  • Low Inlet Water Pressure Safety Switch (30 psi)
  • Variable Displacement Axial Piston Pump
  • Y / D Starter
  • CE-marked (as standard version with basic controls)

KMT Service Guaranteed Worldwide

KMT Water jet operates on five continents and maintains a network of sales and service agencies all over the world. You can thus be rest assured that spare parts for your equipment will be readily available. Thanks to the global network of KMT Waterjet, assistance is never far away.

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